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Título: Cosmetics products stability guide
Autor(es): Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (Brasil)
Ano de publicação: 2005
Resumo: The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), through the General Management of Cosmetics, coordinated a special working group made up of technicians from the General Management itself, from the General Management of Public Health Laboratories, from the academic community, from the sector and professionals in the field to prepare the guide, with the aim of providing subsidies and guidelines for carrying out studies on the stability of cosmetic products. The stability study provides indications about the behavior of the product, in a certain period of time, in view of the environmental conditions to which it may be subjected, from manufacture to the end of validity. The information contained in the work, without the intention of exhausting the proposed theme, aims to suggest to the professionals guidelines for the investigation of the procedures involved in quality, related to the stability studies of cosmetic products, according to the needs of each company.
Informações Adicionais: Quality in Cosmetics Series; v. 1
Summary: Introduction -- Objective -- General considerations on stability : Factors that influence stability. Appearances to be considered in stability. When can stability test be done? . Fundamentals of the stability tests. Sample containing. Storage conditions. Evaluation parameters on stability -- Stability studies : Preliminary stability. Accelerated stability. Shelf test. Compatibility test between formulation and containing material. Distribution and transportation test -- Evaluation of product characteristics : Organoleptic evaluation. Physical-chemical evaluation. Microbiologial evaluation -- Statistical analysis -- Approval criteria for productis in relation to stability -- Expiry date of the cosmetic -- Conclusion report on stability studies -- Appendices : Appendix I - Essays and methodologiess. Appendix II - Specifications for the liberation of the produced lots. Appendix III - Brazilian legislation -- Glossary -- Bibliography consulted
Palavra Chave: Cosmetic

Cosmetic product

Stability study

Stability evaluation

Cosmetic product stability study
Tipo: Guia
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